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To keep a long story short, if you have your eye on a Breeo Double Flame, follow the link below and get on with the purchase! The American-made Breeo should have been at your house yesterday. This high-end stainless steel fire pit brings a premium experience to your backyard oasis or wherever you decide to take it. 

At the end of this article, there are some extra tips and tricks for new owners and other things you may want to consider before purchasing. 

Breeo Double Flame Specifications


19" Model

24" Model

Inside Diameter

19" / 48.3cm

24" / 61.0cm

Outside Diameter

22" / 55.9cm

27" / 68.6cm

Total Height with Feet

16" / 40.6cm

15" / 38.1cm


48 lbs / 21.8 kg

57 lbs / 25.9 kg


18.41 US Gallons

27.42 US Gallons


304 Stainless Steel

304 Stainless Steel


Features and Benefits of the Breeo Double Flame

You will never need to turn a log

With regular fire pits, turning a log is a necessary task to keep the fire going. Not with the Breeo Double Flame. The air flowing underneath keeps the fire well-oxygenated from every angle, so there’s no need to turn any logs to get air to the other side. They’ll burn evenly without any maintenance, which means less work for you.

Fantastic double flame effect

If you’ve never seen the double flame effect before, take a look at the video below. Not only is it cool, but it’s also practical. Air is brought in from the base of the fire pit, heated up, and exits through the top where it creates a secondary burn that helps eliminate any additional particles that may not have been burned. 

Apart from aiding in a smoke-free experience, it looks really cool too!

Getting a fire going is super easy

As long as you have the proper kindling, getting a fire going is incredibly easy on the Double Flame. The ‘X’ shape design on the bottom makes it easy to prop your kindling up and have air flowing from all sides and underneath. In a couple of minutes, you’ll be ready to toss on larger pieces that will set you up for the remainder of the night. 

breeo double flame review kindling

We use a log cabin style with woodworking cutoffs from a local shop to get our fires started. You can do the same with sticks, twigs, or other small pieces of wood.

Smokeless as advertised

If you’re concerned with whether it’s truly smokeless, you can rest assured it is. Smoke from a fire pit is produced because the fire is not burning the wood efficiently. When you have airflow, like what has been engineered on the Breeo, the fire burns hot and clean. Just make sure your wood is properly seasoned and avoid burning tree bark.

If you are experiencing smoke in your fire pit, it's likely due to burn the wrong wood. See this article for tips on how to get your fire pit smokeless

The ‘X’ shape design is well-engineered

The ‘X’ shape serves a few different purposes. For one, it makes getting a fire going easier, as already mentioned. Two, it keeps your wood propped up off the floor of the fire pit and provides air to the center and underneath the fire, where it can burn hotter, thus producing less smoke. 

Nicely tacked welds, and a thick gauge steel help ensure this will stand up to years of use.

If you’re worried about those channels becoming blocked by ash, don’t be. As long as you’re using the right wood, the fire burns hot, and anything in between the embers and air channels will burn up in no time. 

breeo double flame underside of fire pit

Here you can see where the air flows through the sides and up through the X-frame in the center. You won't ever see the underside, so these welds are strength, rather than appearance, driven.

The fire pit is illuminated underneath

Because of how the air channels are designed and milled, the fire will reflect light on the surface below. While there isn’t anything useful for this, it’s a cool effect and adds to the ambiance of the setting. 

breeo double flame review light under fire pit

Light from the fire above shines through the 'X' elevation on the fire pit.

Easy to clean up for the night

One of the downsides to a smokeless fire pit is that you can’t just pour water on it to end the night, or you shouldn’t. Every smokeless fire pit manufacturer recommends just letting the fire burn out on its own, which you should. However, leaving a fire pit unattended can be dangerous. Luckily, the Breeo has a lid that can be purchased separately. Place the lid on the fire pit with the remaining coals and pack up for the night: no fuss, no worries, and no problems. 


Make sure there will not be any children or others around the fire pit that are unaware that it is still extremely hot. When the cover is on, it's not easy to see that a fire has been burning for the past several hours. 

Made in the United States of America

Pennsylvania, to be exact - need we say more?

Superb customer service

Part of being made in the United States means their customer service is also based here in America. During our tests, we had posted images to our Instagram story and received replies from the official Breeo page asking if everything was alright and everything had arrived on time… on a SATURDAY NIGHT! 

This is the example of a company taking it a step farther to ensure its customers have received everything they ordered, and the experience is flawless. Excellent work on Breeo’s end. 

Drawbacks of the Breeo Double Flame

‘Mostly’ portable

We’ll give it this; it’s easier to transport and set up than a Solo Stove.


Having the feet built-in is one less thing you need to set up or carry when moving from place to place. The rim makes it slightly easier to lift, and one person can lift this on their own. The Breeo Double Flame is heavy. You do not want to be hauling this any distance longer than 100 feet from the car without some help. 

The lid will get hot

If you choose to use the lid as a snuffer to suffocate the fire at the end of the night, be aware the lid will become very hot. You need to make sure kids won’t be anywhere near it, and all the other adults know the fire is still going. 

Tips for using the Breeo Double Flame

Sharp edges

There are some reviews online complaining of sharp edges on the flange that overhangs on the top of the fire pit. It appears those are older models, and the problem has been remedied. There were no sharp edges on this unit, and it would take significant force to cut yourself on any of the edges. 

Clean it after each use

For whatever smokeless fire pit you purchase, clean it after each use so the next burn can be just as efficient and stellar as the last. If you don’t mind kicking up a little ash and can hold your breath or wear a mask, use your leaf blower or a tire air inflator. Otherwise, a shop vacuum works well. 

Protect the surface underneath it

It’s highly unlikely any ashes or embers would fall through the bottom airflow channels; however, the firepit's underside will get hot. If you place this on treated concrete, a wood or composite deck, or grass, you’ll want to prop the fire pit up on concrete pavers or use an inexpensive heat shield to deflect the heat back up. 

We recommend the Campfire Defender's Ember Mat

Use the right firewood

We go more in-depth on this topic in another article; however, using the right firewood is crucial to a truly smokeless experience. Seasoned white-oak and ash hardwoods were used in our tests, and the Breeo performed well with them. 

Don’t let the firewood get above the rim

Ideally, keep your firewood below the secondary burn holes located just below the fire pit's rim. This helps to keep the burn focused towards the center of the fire pit and the secondary burn to occur on any remaining material. Placing firewood above the rim will likely result in noticeable levels of smoke. 

Tips for Cooking on the Breeo Double Flame

Breeo’s Outpost system is super easy to use and leaves just enough wiggle room to make minor adjustments while cooking. The best part of the outpost system is you can use it with or without your Breeo Fire Pit. So even if you have a different fire pit or just want to make an open fire while camping, you can use this open-grilling system with it. Here are a couple more tips to make your experience a breeze. 

Get a cast iron

Cast irons are inexpensive, and they make cooking over an open fire much easier. Use one until you get more experience adjusting the heat output, the height of the grill, the amount of wood, etc. Cooking over an open fire is tricky at first, but the cast iron helps to smooth out the fluctuations in temperature and will give you better results early on. 

Seasoning a Cast Iron

Make sure your cast iron is well-seasoned too. Most new ones, like those from Lodge, come pre-seasoned, which is enough to get you started. If you buy a used cast iron or find you want to re-season your new one, the process is very simple. Check out this article to learn how to do so.

Use a good hardwood

Choosing the right wood for your fire pit is already covered in another article. However, it boils down to using a well-seasoned hardwood. Like pine or cedar, softwoods put out a lot more soot and smoke (due to sap content) and will alter the flavor of your food and ultimately take longer to cook. We use white oak since it burns hot, lasts a while, and is readily available in most parts of the United States. 


Avoid using burning bark while cooking food. Bark does not burn particularly well and creates a lot of smoke or soot that can get on your food. It will alter the appearance and taste of whatever you are grilling.

Build a base of coals, add wood slowly while cooking

Plan ahead if you want to cook over the fire. It’s a good idea to burn at least 3 or 4 normal size logs to build a base of coals. These coals will help to provide a relatively consistent heat output to cook food evenly. You can add more wood while cooking. 

If you add additional wood while food is cooking, add it slowly and add smaller pieces. This will help you to avoid burning the food by making the fire too hot. 

Breeo grilling steaks and potatoes

Light from the fire above shines through the 'X' elevation on the fire pit.

Make the fire even

If you plan on cooking on the entire surface of the grill, add wood evenly around the perimeter of the Double Flame. This will help ensure you get consistent heat to all sides of the grill and not just the center. 

Have everything ready before starting

Have a table set on the side with tongs, plates, cheese, paper towels, and anything else you would need while grilling. No one likes making several trips in and outside the house. Keep everything readily available so you can pull the food off the fire when it’s just perfect. 

Breeo Outpost System Measurements

In case you need the measurements for Breeo's outpost system, check the images below.

breeo outpost system measurements

The bottom of the outpost system that locks into the fire pit.

breeo outpost system stock photo

Purchase the Breeo Outpost System

Other Breeo Fire Pit Models

High-end, high-performing fire pits are the only products Breeo makes. They offer other permanent options in addition to their Double-Flame entry-level line. You can cook on all models, although some will require outpost grill attachment. All models are smokeless as well. Let’s take a look at the other models available. 

Breeo Zentro - The Perfect Fire Pit Insert

Model Line: Zentro

Available Sizes: 24", 28", 32"

Available Colorways: Stainless Steel, Black

Description: The Zentro line is Breeo’s line of fire pit inserts meant to be placed inside a concrete or stone surrounding. The sizes listed above are the inner dimension of the insert. The surround can range from 27” up to 41” where one of the above sizes will fit it. To cook on the Zentro, you will need the outpost grill attachment.

best smokeless fire pit insert breeo zentro
best smokeless fire pit ring insert stock

Breeo X-Series - The Grill Master's Friend

Model Line: X-Series

Available Sizes: 19", 24"

Available Colorways: Stainless Steel with patina

Description: Breeo’s best selling fire pit line, the X-Series is a backyard staple that not only provides the precision airflow design for a great fire but has a built-in sear plate so you can cook burgers, chicken, eggs and more right on the rim of your bonfire. The outside wall is made of COR-TEN steel, which is a durable steel material that’s meant to develop a beautiful finish through natural weathering and will develop a better appearance with time.

breeo x series grilling chicken and other meats
breeo x series grilling vegetables sear plate with meat

Breeo Luxeve - The Premiere Luxury Line

Model Line: Luxeve

Available Sizes: 24"

Available Colorways: Red River, Stainless Steel, White River, Earth Rust, Bronze Vein, Silver Vein

Description: Considered Breeo’s luxury model, as the name implies, the Luxeve line features Breeo’s award-winning design with a fire rock surround built into the upper rim. The Luxeve line offers a variety of color options that feature a thick powder-coated exterior and included lid.

breeo luxeve fire pit in red
breeo luxeve fire pit in white
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