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How to Grow Your Own Worms

It’s a worm’s world out there! For centuries, worms have played a massive part in caring for and propagating different types of plant species. Small and harmless, these wriggling nutrient powerhouses

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How to Build a Worm Tower – What are the Benefits

What is a Worm Tower? A worm tower is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a PVC tube, typically around four inches in diameter that gets stuck directly in your garden with the other part of the tube

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Worm Castings – A Complete Guide

Believe it or not, earthworm castings are the most nutrient-rich natural fertilizer known to man! These tiny, oblong-sphere-shaped pellets are the byproduct of earthworms and contain a plethora of minerals

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Vermicomposting – How to Get Started

Vermicomposting and the Joy of Worms For seasoned green-thumbs, worms are a source of immeasurable joy. These earth-friendly crawlies aren’t only good for fishing bait, they are also a great way

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