38 of the Best Fire Pit Accessories for Easy Fall Nights

Make your outdoor space as comfortable as your living room. These accessories will keep your fire pit lasting longer and make your outdoor space the backyard get away you've been wanting!

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Product Reviews and Lists

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Reduce your carbon footprint and do something good for the environment at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of compostable material are wasted everyday that could help grow tomorrow's foods.

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Make your backyard a sanctuary and learn to love your outdoor escape. Making your backyard an area for relaxation doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. 


Down and Dirty with the Worms

Traditional composting can take awhile to see any real effect. Speed up the process with red wigglers and make vermicompost!

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Weeds, critters, and creepy crawlies aren't welcome in your lawn or garden! Learn more about how to get rid of crab grass, ants, fruit flies, and other common garden pests here.

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The Breeo x series smokeless fire pit is more than just a fire pit. It’s a new way to cook delicious meals and bring the kitchen outdoors. Made from the same durable material used in the construction of bridges, this all-weather cooking station will provide years of mouth-watering meals and night time warmth.The 24” model

Can I use a fire pit on my condo or apartment balcony?The short answer is yes you can, although you may want to check with your HOA or rental agreement, along with local ordinances. With any sort of fire, you will want to follow some of the safety tips and preparatory tasks listed below. Check

For the purpose of this article we’ll assume you are using an outdoor, wood-burning fire pit. Here’s a summary of our best tips for preventing your fire pit from rusting:Check the weather before planning a bonfire and make sure no rain is expected.Clean the fire pit of all ash after it has completely burned out and