The Yardiac Mission

We’re here to help you build the backyard of your dreams. Together, we’ll light up our firepits, build that dream garden and care for our little piece of this planet we love so much. Here you’ll find real backyard pros, doing real projects, from composting to lawn care; we’ll do it all and share our best ideas with you. 

Ready to enjoy some backyard cookouts? Want to feel that soft grass on your feet? You’ve come to the right place. 

Product Reviews and Lists

Get the low down on the latest home & garden and outdoor living products. Find top-performing products and get recommendations based on your individual situation.


Learning to Compost

Reduce your carbon footprint and do something good for the environment at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of compostable material are wasted every day that could help grow tomorrow’s foods.

Best Compost Bins

There is almost a no better way to recycle food scraps and yard waste than to place them in a compost bin.…

Outdoor Living

Learn to Love the Outdoors

Make your backyard a sanctuary and learn to love your outdoor escape. Making your backyard an area for relaxation doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. 

Pest & Weed Control

Get Rid of Unwelcome Guests

Weeds, critters, and creepy crawlies aren’t welcome in your lawn or garden! Learn more about how to get rid of crab grass, ants, fruit flies, and other common garden pests here.

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