38 of the Best Fire Pit Accessories for Easy Fall Nights

Make your outdoor space as comfortable as your living room. These accessories will keep your fire pit lasting longer and make your outdoor space the backyard get away you've been wanting!

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Product Reviews and Lists

Product Reviews and Lists

Get the low down on the latest home & garden and outdoor living products. Find top performing products and get recommendations based on your individual situation.

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Learning to Compost

Reduce your carbon footprint and do something good for the environment at the same time. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of compostable material are wasted everyday that could help grow tomorrow's foods.

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Outdoor Living

Learn to Love the Outdoors

Make your backyard a sanctuary and learn to love your outdoor escape. Making your backyard an area for relaxation doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. 

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Down and Dirty with the Worms

Traditional composting can take awhile to see any real effect. Speed up the process with red wigglers and make vermicompost!

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Pest & Weed Control

Get Rid of Unwelcome Guests

Weeds, critters, and creepy crawlies aren't welcome in your lawn or garden! Learn more about how to get rid of crab grass, ants, fruit flies, and other common garden pests here.

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When attempting to start a fire, there are typically three time-tested steps to success in most environments. Start with tiny shavings of flammable material known as tinder to produce a small flame. Once you have something burning, you add kindling. Kindling is slightly larger and thicker than tinder, which helps add body to the fire. After

Tinder vs. Kindling – What’s the Difference?

Mosquitoes may be attracted to your yard or outdoor area for various reasons, including stagnant water sources, yard debris, and clogged drains. You might be thinking, well, this covers most of the things in my yard, but don’t worry, because there are some simple solutions to keeping your yard mosquito-free. DID YOU KNOW? Of the

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from your Yard

IntroLighting a bonfire isn’t all that difficult as long as you have the right materials and tools. Start small by gathering dry tinder – very small twigs, leaves, newspaper, and other small material that will easily catch fire. Then gather your kindling – larger sticks and thin pieces of wood to add on top of

6 Foolproof Ways to Light a Bonfire