How To Build a Fire Pit on Grass

How To Build a Fire Pit on Grass?

Are you looking to go the DIY route but don’t know how to build a fire pit on grass?  Fire pits are the ‘interior decor’ pieces of your outdoor living space that can transform it into an inviting and warm area for your late-night enjoyment.

The good news is, building a fire pit on grass is actually pretty easy, as long as you have put your mind to it and don’t mind breaking a sweat. But, seriously, the digging will have you paying up for those gym sessions you’ve been missing.

Anyway. Digging up your fire pit will enable you to personalize it as you want. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind, from the materials you can use and how to choose a location to meeting the specific regulations.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Build a Fire Pit on Grass

fire pit on grass

As mentioned earlier, digging a fire pit in your backyard can be easy. However, knowing what to do and how to do it can be of great help, especially for a beginner. This is important because fire pit accidents are quite common.

According to a study, between 2006 and 2017, over 10000 burns were on individuals aged 19 years and below. So as you think of building a fire pit on the grass in your backyard, you must do the necessary research and be informed.

That’s why we have this particular post for you.

1. Gather Your Supplies

The first step is to ensure you have all your supplies in hand before getting started. You don’t want to be in the moment and then realize you are short of a key item halfway through the job. No. It will not only kill the mood to light a fire but take you longer than expected to build your fire pit. So, to get the fire burning in you (pun intended), gather the below supplies:

  • A digging tool, like a shovel or a mattock
  • Spray paint (colored) for marking where you will dig the pit
  • Gravel for filling the pit
  • Concrete stones for landscaping the pit
  • Masonry adhesive
  • Metal fire ring. Although this is optional, it helps keep the fire from reaching the fire pit walls. This, in return, keeps the wall from crumbling and dehydrating prematurely.
    Rubber mallet

Ready with all your supplies? Now, let’s get digging.

2. Outline The Fire Pit

You will first need to know the exact spot where you are building your fire pit. To ensure you do not dig over or undersize, you will need the colored spray paint to outline the exact spot. Next, place your fire ring (or any circular item with the size of the pit you want) on the area you need the fire pit to sit.

Then, place a few of the concrete stones for landscaping the pit around the metal ring. Once in place, spray paint around using the end of the laid stones as the pit’s edge. The goal is to have an equal circular, rectangular, or whatever shape of the fire ring you are using.

3. Start Digging

With the grass marked, you can remove the concrete slabs and the fire ring and start digging. You will need a digging tool, like a mattock or shovel, that’s sharp enough to cut through the ground without a fuss.

How far should you dig? Your fire pit doesn’t need to be very deep. You only need a depth of about 6-inches. However, the size might also depend on where you live or how deep the grassroots run. If the ground is also filled with stones, you might have to keep digging a little bit more.

4. Filling The Firepit

Worked up a sweat? You can now start filling it up with the gravel once you are done working out; sorry, digging your fire pit. The importance of the grave is to drain your fire pit whenever it rains. As you fill, ensure your gravel is finally on level with the ground.

5. Add The Concrete Stones

firepit in backyard
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Start by laying down your concrete stones on the edges of the fire pit with gravel. Remember the runner mallet? Use it to even the stones and tamp them flat. This might be a bit overwhelming, but use it to ensure you are stacking the stones correctly if you are using your fire ring.

Before stacking the next level of the concrete stones, ensure that you apply your masonry adhesive to the bottom of each stone. As you stack, do not do it in a straight or continuous line above the bottom ones. Instead, stagger them by placing the second level in the middle of the one below.

Also, don’t forget to flatten, tighten, and even the placements with a rubber mallet. Repeat this same step with the next levels of concrete stones.

Fire Pit Safety Measures

Yes, it is easy to build a fire pit. But are you exercising caution and staying safe? A simple misstep or mistake when building a fire pit could lead to dire consequences, including a fire ravaging a home.

1. Your Local Fire Safety Rules

Even before you start digging your fire pit, it is important you first confirm the fire safety rules in your locale. Visit your fire station, or municipality offices, or check their website for information. First, it will ensure you are not breaking any existing regulations on recreational fire. Second, you will have the recommended guidelines for building a fire pit, if any.

2. Build It Away From Any Building Or Structure

firepit in grass

Second, you have to ensure that the fire pit is not anywhere close to your house or any building. Experts recommend having your fire pit at least 10-feet (20 to 25 feet is the best) away from any trees, buildings, fences, or other obstructing elements. In the same breath, ensure nothing is hanging above the fire pit, either.

Are you ready to pass your evenings in an enchanted mood with your loved ones or snuggled up with your favorite drink in hand? There is no better way to keep warm and burn a few marshmallows here and there than with an outdoor fire pit. Luckily, you do not have to buy a small portable one. So instead, pull up your sleeves, get to work, and build one using the above tips on how to build a fire pit on grass.


Question: Is It OK To Put a Fire Pit on Grass?

Answer: Yes, you can put your fire pit directly on the grass. However, you should cover it up with a non-flammable material or item, like a fire mat. This ensures that you reduce any damage that could happen to your grass. 

Question: How Do You Build a Fire Pit With Bricks on Grass?

Answer: If you want to build your fire pit on the grass using only bricks, you will need to follow the above explained example. Start by marking a spot where you want to install the fire pit. Next, make the measurements, dig the hole and line its inside perimeter with your bricks. The next step is to fill the bottom of the fire pit with gravel or rocks. Once done, place the remaining bricks. 

Question: What Do You Put Under a Fire Pit?

Answer: While concrete is non-flammable, some materials tend to expand and contract when heated and cooled. Unfortunately, this leads to a cracked fire pit with time. That’s where putting something under your fire pit can help you. Some of the common items to use include, heat shields, pit mats, and fire rings.  

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