Fully Assembled Dimensions

24” x 24” x 15” / 61cm x 61cm x 38.1cm


7.8lbs / 3.5kgs

Weight Capacity

125lbs / 56.7kgs

Cooking Area

Up to 500 sq inches*

Ideal For

Camping, backyards, RV’ing, tailgating, survival, hiking, and more!

*That’s well over enough space to fit a dozen burger patties!

Fireside Outdoor's Pop-Up Portable Camp Fire Pit and Grill

Lightweight and Fully Collapsible

This fire pit is meant to be totally portable without sacrificing any of the traditional fire pit comforts. When fully collapsed in its carry bag, it weighs just under 8lbs and is easily carried from location to location, thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame.

Because it’s made from aluminum, the frame cools quickly after the fire is put out. No need to wait around for the metal to reach a manageable temperature. Fireside Outdoor states it only takes 90 seconds for the fire pit to cool down. A carrying case with strap is included. 

Why does aluminum cool so quickly?

No need to break out your physics notes from high school. The short answer is there's less mass in aluminum to absorb heat. Compare a piece of aluminum to a piece of steel that occupies the same volume and you know that the aluminum weighs significantly less. The aluminum will heat up much faster, but also cool much faster. On the other hand the steel heats up much slower, but also takes longer to cool down. The technical term is 'thermal conductivity', meaning the aluminum transfer heat much better than steel, relative to its weight. 

Tool-less Assembly

This fire pit doesn’t take any tools to assemble. As a part of the stack-able design, the 4 aluminum sides sit on top of one another and the weight of the wood helps to secure the mesh screen on top of the frame. 

Only a few minutes of your time is needed, not a whole toolbox.

fireside outdoors fire pit grill assembly

See the price for the Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit with Grill

360-Degree Air Flow

One feature that is easily overlooked is the height of your fire relative to the ground. Most campfires are placed on the ground with the fire sitting on dirt and surrounded by rocks. This limits air flow to the fire and may result in more smoke and less burn. 

As seen in our smokeless fire pit reviews, air flow underneath the fire is key to an efficient burn, given you’re using the correct firewood. The steel mesh allows air to flow freely under the fire embers, providing more oxygen, and a better all around burn with less smoke

Fireside Outdoors Fire Pit Grill Steel Mesh

The steel mesh is durable, yet allows air to flow underneath the fire, but prevents any embers from falling through.

Heat Shield Included

If you are concerned about charring the ground underneath, the fire pit also comes with an aluminum fiberglass heat shield. This heat shield is similar to ones recommended for other fire pits. It works by dissipating the heat away from the ground and back up or out towards the fire, protecting the ground underneath. 

Optional Grill attachment

While the grill attachment is not included in the standard package, it is just as easy to set up and adds minimal weight to the overall fire pit. You can choose between the quad-fold and tri-fold grate depending on your preference. 

The grill attachment is essentially an additional rail system that sits directly on top of the four corners and provides a lip for the grate to sit on. The grate seems to hold weight just fine as we cooked a full cast iron dutch oven full of chicken tortilla soup on it without any problem. 

fireside outdoors grill grate tri fold

The tri-fold grill grate is shown here (upside down), as it sits inside the aluminum channels.

Grill Grate Adjustability

You can see from the images the grill grate does not fully cover the entire 24” by 24” frame, which is great. A smaller grate gives you flexibility in adding more wood to the other side of the fire pit, without needing to disturb the food. If you plan on cooking for more than a few hours, you can let this wood burn, pull the grate over slightly to the new embers, then place additional wood on the other side. 


Don't forget to budget for accessories! Some extra cooking accessories like high heat gloves, silicone tongs, and more will make your experience much more comfortable. Read our 38+ Campfire Accessories List

Drawbacks of Fireside Outdoor’s Pop up Fire Pit

Setup Requires Some Patience

Putting the frame on top of the fire pit’s legs is easy, however installing the steel mesh frame requires a bit of patience on the first use. All four corners need to sit almost perfectly level for the rings to go over the corner posts. Over time this will likely loosen up as the mesh is stretched and gets some use. 

It’s VERY Light

While its weight is great for transportation, be aware that adding some weight to the feet is not a bad idea. The fire pit has a low center of gravity, so on a normal day, it’s very unlikely to tip over. However, on a particularly windy day, it would not be out of the question for the wind to blow this fire pit if there is only a small fire. 


Always have something nearby to extinguish your fire and keep any flammable material 10 feet away. A bucket of water will work, but a fire extinguisher is preferred. Even a slight breeze can blow an ember into dry material and cause a fire.

Cannot Cook Over a Large Fire

Many of the tips recommended for the larger, heavy duty fire pit grill - the Breeo X Series, apply to this portable fire pit grill too. For starters, you want to get the fire going early so there’s an even base of coals to cook over. 

With this fire pit, you cannot cook over a larger fire and you’re somewhat limited to putting large logs on it AND cooking over them. Instead, you’ll need to plan ahead and have some smaller logs nearby if you plan on cooking for longer than a couple of hours. 

fireside outdoors campfire fire pit grill height

With larger pieces of wood, there is not space for the grill grate to sit.

Bottom Line

Ideally, this fire pit is best suited for those that are traveling with limited space or on a budget. Of all fire pits with the option to grill, this is by far the most cost-effective option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. The design is fantastic and easy for anyone to put together. 

If you are traveling by RV or have a larger tailgating group, a Breeo is likely the better option if you have a little more money to spend. You can get a warmer and larger fire, with better cooking options. You may sacrifice the ease of portability, but that won’t matter if you have the space of a RV or truck. The Breeo Double Flame and Solo Stove Bonfire are both transportable. 

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit vs. Solo Stove Bonfire

fireside outdoors portable fire pit grill
solo stove bonfire stock

If the space is available, Solo Stove’s bonfire can be portable. The Solo Stove is better suited for carrying from the shed to the backyard or from the RV to the campsite. It isn’t something you can pack up and take hiking. While it can be carried longer distances, the Solo Stove is better suited for short-term gatherings in regards to set up.

With the Pop-up Fire Pit, you do not need to worry about the ground underneath it. The fire is elevated well above the grass, so there’s no need to worry about burning the ground underneath.

The Solo Stove does not come elevated standard and instead you will need to purchase the ring stand. 

Technical Detail

Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire


7.8lbs / 3.5kgs

20 lbs / 9.1kgs



304 Stainless Steel

Total Height

15" / 38.1cm

14" / 35.6cm


Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit vs. Breeo Double Flame

fireside outdoors portable fire pit grill
best portable fire pit breeo double flame stainless steel

Similar to the Solo Stove, the Breeo Double Flame falls in the same ‘portability’ category. The Double Flame is better suited for trips where the majority of the travel is done in a vehicle and you’re only carrying it short distances. At around 50 lbs, it isn’t something you want to be carrying for longer distances. 

In regards to cooking, the Breeo is the most comparable to the Pop-up Portable Fire Pit. Like the Pop-Up, Breeo’s cooking accessory is sold separately, but integrates very well with the design. The OutPost system provides a grilling area directly above the fire and is comparable in ease of setup. 

Technical Detail

Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit

Breeo Double Flame 19"


7.8lbs / 3.5kgs

48 lbs / 21.8kg



304 Stainless Steel

Total Height w/ Feet

15" / 38.1cm

16" / 40.6cm


Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit vs. Breeo X-Series Smokeless Fire Pit

fireside outdoors portable fire pit grill
breeo x series grilling chicken and other meats

There are two very different fire pits. For all practical purposes, the Breeo X-Series is not a portable fire pit. The weights, prices, and features differ greatly. If you were considering the Pop-up Fire Pit for only backyard use, consider the Breeo X-Series instead. It’s a more permanent option that offers better features. 

Technical Detail

Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Fire Pit

Breeo X-Series 19"


7.8lbs / 3.5kgs

56lbs / 25.4kg



304 Stainless/COR-TEN Steel

Total Height w/ Feet

15" / 38.1cm

15" / 38.1cm



What to put under a portable fire pit?

For this Portable Pop-Up Fire Pit, you do not need to place anything underneath it. If you are concerned about the heat, a heat shield is included in the pack. Otherwise, you can purchase a larger heat shield that is great to place on a deck or on treated concrete. 

Can you put a portable fire pit on a deck?

Yes you can. You need to make sure the fire pit is at least 10’ away from any combustible structure. It’s recommended to have a fire extinguisher nearby, and use a heat shield or ember mat to further protect your wood or composite deck. 

We recommend the Fireside Outdoor's Ember Mat

Will a portable fire pit damage concrete?

This Portable Fire Pit will not damage your concrete when used correctly. The fire pit is elevated well above the ground and allows for adequate air flow to keep the concrete from getting too hot. 

Can you put a portable fire pit on grass?

Yes you can. Assuming, the grass is cut to a reasonable length and not overly grown, the Portable Pop-up Fire Pit will not char or damage the grass beneath. For especially lawn-conscious yardiacs, the included heat shield can be used to further protect the grass. 

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